Nissan GTR-R36

Nissan will enter a race version of this hybrid hypercar in the Le Mans 24 Hour. And much of the technology employed in the R36 will be a combination of technology from the current R35 and the GT-R LM Nismo.
Nissan is happy with the power delivery of its iconic twin-turbo 3.8-litre V6  transaxle layout and all-wheel drive powertrain  so that will remain. What’s different is the electric motor that will be bolted on just aft of the engine. Nissan wants to employ a hybrid system for one reason  to boost power. It wants maximum power hovering around 578kW and to get there  the GT-R needs a hybrid unit.

The latest version of the R35 GT-R Nismo packs a 441kW punch with the current GT-R model boasting some 404kW. Our Nissan insider suggests the R36 will inherit the Nismo-spec’s power, but beefed up to 478kW before gaining another 100kW from the electric motor (for total power of 578kW).