Aston Martin

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Characterized by the car lights sleek oval form with the background Black category of lenses and lighting system available to light the high normal The God of Jane's high-lighting were integrated into the body of the car to achieve the maximum cruise There are two holes in the hood contribute to the output hot air from the engine compartment The front bumper is a classic and somewhat of this nature tend , Albeit that Aston Martin has designed shocking how the existing instance In DBS to form a bit more aggressive .. This design is Does not suggest a car has a 12-cylinder engine
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Come complement to the wonders of the overall design and take the form side lampsU of character with a reflector antenna integrated in the bodyCar at the top and Aadma n Riazian are the source of the black voteThat does not stop when he wanted the driver's RoarWonderful cruise in the back

Design profile:
Aikhvi to the beauty of the eye never the general shape of the body Alaston MartinLateral lines and in Alansbabip aspects and the more you look eye toA certain part of them you will see the magnificent sculpture for the design of the car will not tire the eyeSee and enjoy all the details of design for both doors that open the wayHigh and at an angle slightly inclined or design the roof line back.