Some might think that 220 horsepower is sufficient for a car with an athlete's performance of the measurement average weighs 4700 pounds, but On the roads dry and slippery and even snow-covered, it was found that sufficient engine power while driving off-road, even during the rise of High-altitude rock .
Like the rest of the models built to climb the heights H3 slash by 60%, which of course is not a race car, and you can walk immersed in 24 inches of water, however, H3 is not a very lazy when driving on travel routes, and the engine gives good power and Hadera during acceleration To reach maximum speed .
H3 is characterized by its ability to walk in the off-road, however Fiqiadtha on the highways is not a problem, an easy going on the corner and steering From the far left to far right circle of 37 feet to make the car corner of the simple things