Hummer h3

Some might think that 220 horsepower is sufficient for a car with an athlete's performance of the measurement average weighs 4700 pounds, but On the roads dry and slippery and even snow-covered, it was found that sufficient engine power while driving off-road, even during the rise of High-altitude rock .. Like the rest of the models built to climb the heights H3 slash by 60%, which of course is not a race car, and you can walk immersed in 24 inches of water, however, H3 is not a very lazy when driving on travel routes, and the engine gives good power and Hadera during acceleration To reach maximum speed ... H3 is characterized by its ability to walk in the off-road, however Fiqiadtha on the highways is not a problem, an easy going on the corner and steering From the far left to far right circle of 37 feet to make the car corner of the simple things ... There is a concern initially that the subject over the barrier may prevent the windshield to see traffic signals at intersections, but did not face This 
problem in fact, designed suspension system in particular, to deal with the most off-road vibration provides a significantly quiet

Specifications of the vehicle: -
AutomaticEngine: five-cylinder with a capacity of 3.5 liters (water cooled)Maximum torque: 300 Nm at 2800 session of the minutesMotor power: 220 hp at 5600 session of the minutes Transmission: Automatic four ratiosAlong Wheelbase: 111.9 inchesHeight: 186.7 inchesWidth: 74.7 inchesHeight: 74.5 inchesNumber of seats: fiveHigh clearance: 9.1 inchesBrakes front / rear: Disc / discFuel tank capacity: 23 gallons