Car care

Maintaining the car and an interest in periodically to see some things that are easy to just do some things high school, But to preserve the actual lead to prolong life you need to care about actual Bmikhanyk the car itself, to the oil and cleaning:
- Maintaining the change engine oil regularly and within the prescribed deadlines as neglect to change on a regular basis leads to significant damage to the car.
- Taking into account the Check and clean the air filter regularly, works to increase the efficiency of the car in fuel consumption.
- Periodic inspection of fluid levels whether the coolant or brake fluid or hydraulic oil gearbox.
-Attention to examine the level of air pressure in tires, where he is working to increase balance and stability of the car on the road as well as its importance in reducing fuel consumption.
- Selection and use of gasoline commensurate with the car.
-Heating the car after the start of operation and not starting out where the car seconds after you need to run the engine until it reaches the oil to all parts of Engine which reduces the likelihood of erosion of metal parts inside the engine.