Volkswagen GTI

Provided Volkswagen (GTI) with the latest safety equipment is designed, internal and external stock As expected from this model, the driving position is very good, and the front seats comfortable and cushioned with a strong side Although the new model did not deviate from the general form it has been demonstrated over the years it has become much more attractive for older models.
Engine: Engine and one of the few engines hybrid techniques are used to raise the efficiency of the engine is made up of direct fuel injection with homogenized turbocharger which increases the amount of Air pumped into the combustion chamber becoming more and more engine power as well as the presence of an internal file is a heat exchanger which cools the compressed air by the turbine in order to Ensure cylinder engine fully fill with air and result in access to an exceptional engine with great determination free from the delay is located in the engines that operate charger Turbine only an almost immediate response when you press the throttle.