Marauder truck

The gargantuan machine was even featured in the pilot episode of Top Gear’s 17th season, where folks from the Paramount Group asked Richard Hammond to drive the vehicle in some of the most impossible stunts known to cars. There’s no shortage of cupcake stunts here; the car was driven over, around, and just about all other directions to determine whether it can live up to its name as the world’s toughest vehicle. It even went through a McDonalds drive-thru so Hammond could order a burger and survived a lion attack
In the episode, Richard Hammond test drives the vehicle, putting it through a series of stunts to test the vehicle’s durability. The vehicle has been smashed through walls
maximum speed of 120 km/h – that’s about 74.5 mph – which may sound like nothing compared to the kind of cars we’re used to, but considering that the entire mastodon weighs 15 tons – 18, if it’s fully loaded – then 75 mph is a remarkable feat in its own right