infiniti M56

Safety technology has also been introduced, such as Lane Departure Prevention, which uses a small camera mounted above the rearview mirror to gauge distance from the lane markers, and will lightly tap selected brakes when necessary to help ease the car back into the correct lane. It will allow for unimpeded lane changes when the turn signal is used, and will yield control to the driver at all times. Blind Spot Intervention System uses sensors to provide a visual warning in the side view mirror. If the car senses that movement towards the obstacle is occurring, it will provide an audible warning and will apply opposite side brakes to guide the vehicle into the correct lane

A driving mode selector knob has been installed as standard equipment on all model , situated below the transmission gear lever and between the heated and ventilated front seat controls  providing four selections labeled "Standard", "Sport", "Eco", and "Snow"  allowing the 7-speed transmission  engine and various systems to optimize driving based on varying conditions. To minimize exhaust noise intrusion into the passenger compartment from the engine at low RPMs, "Active Noise Control" has been installed. Double-piston shock absorbers