BMW 640i Gran Coupe

 Worth the Wait
Details like these make the 2013 BMW 640i Gran Coupe an easier car to own — or an easier one to justify — even if it takes an indulgent trip through the options catalog to reproduce.
But even without a trailer-load of extras, this highly stylish four-door coupe has to be one of the best cars in BMW’s armory. It’s pleasing to look at, endlessly entertaining from behind the wheel and surprisingly devoid of compromises. It’s as though BMW took its time to perfect the four-door coupe instead of merely rushing out a new model to get a stake in the game. If only it could take so long with all of its new models
Complete Package
And then there’s the 2013 BMW 640i Gran Sport’s ride. That may seem strange to mention when chasing dynamic thrills, but the combination of dynamic electronic dampers and dynamic drive, which adjusts the resistance of the anti-sway bars to minimize body roll while allowing for a suppler, loping ride, is vital on roads puckered by sun-melted tarmac.