super sports car that unites aesthetics and function like no other. the most exciting car to ever .
The new and striking brand is characterised by the griffin: this mythological creature – half lion, half eagle – is a symbol of strength and speed
It's wide, and the fenders curve precisely over the wheels without waste. The air ducts and bodywork are not hidden or even particularly stylized. They are there to cool the engine and provide immense amounts of downforce. The Gumpert people like to say the Apollo generates enough downforce to drive upside-down in a tunnel.

Even the engine, which sits just behind the cockpit, is built along with the car. The Apollo engine is basically an Audi V8 that produces 650 hp -- if you don't mess with it. Gumpert messes with it. You can have your Apollo with 650, 700, or 800 hp, and you can configure the air intakes that cool it to your liking. With its six-speed transmission and carbon fiber body, the Apollo can hit 224 mph and 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds. At least. Your wallet and your nerves have more to do with top speed than the car's capabilities.