Corvette ZR1

2011 58 years the production of the legendary Chevrolet Corvette and similar models 2010, 2011 Corvette Coupe offers four different finishes. 2011 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe starts from the basic model, the Grand Sport, Z06 ZR1 offers monitoring and, finally, what is most TrimLine Corvette Coupe after 2010, but unlike last year, Corvette Coupe, offers many options for the new 2011 customization.The basic model consists of a gearbox 2011 Chevrolet Corvette LS3 430 hp V8, automatic or manual six-speed transmission. If the selected speed automatic transmission, 2011 Corvette Coupe is equipped with a gear wheel paddles for manual operation, the driver of tools of trade. New for 2011 Corvette Coupe in Hell orange and blue lights is an option offered by Super Sonic Cyber contrast gray, black or silver leaf. Inside the 2011 Corvette Coupe, the buyer may decide to sew blue, red or yellow, and a USB port as standard with a navigation option. Finally, the 2011 Corvette Coupe offers a suite of cross-drilled and ventilated disc brakes, a larger share to those who are a bit 'over the braking power of your new Corvette