In 1961, the first 250 cars were assembled through Automex (later Chrysler de México). In June of that year, a six-month contract was signed with Studebaker-Packard de México to assemble the Beetle from CKD kits imported from Germany.
The 1973 model was highly popular, due to the previous year's improvements, as well as the new four bolt 15" with newly designed flat hubcaps, which replaced the original "bowl type" covers. The fuel filler neck was moved from inside the trunk to the right front quarter panel, just above the fender. Inside, a matte black padded dashboard was introduced, resulting in greater comfort and less eye fatigue.
The wiper/washer control was also moved from a button on the dashboard to a lever on the right of the steering column. Later that year, additional improvements appeared, including a four-spoke black steering wheel.