There is no doubt that the Mustang driver was given the highest levels of comfort and maneuverability in the most difficult driving conditions In addition to this development, engineering and design in the Mustang has been designed this car to maintain the highest levels of security and safety One of the standard safety equipment, which tell us in the Mustang and two-stage airbags for driver and front passenger, side airbags Placed on both sides of the seats.
Interior: -
As is the case with the exterior design, has been the adoption of best manufacturing materials for the production of interior is second to none Single-panel display design was manufactured aluminum accents the original The dashboard decorated with chrome and the flow of air-conditioning vents had been manufactured with extreme precision and great skill Dashboard is designed to form an integrated unit design is derived from the inspired history of Mustang heritage While it was the adoption of a soft material for the manufacture of seats and cushions arms skillfully Can the driver to adjust the color of the lighting in the dashboard and intensity thanks to the system, which provides the driver a choice of 125 color lighting.
Substantial improvements: -
These improvements are not limited to factors of comfort and technical aspects and as, where car owners will touch the new 2010 mustang Quieter cabin, while maintaining excellent voice Mustang with the adoption of the instrument panel and developed a new agent isolated In multiple places from the cabin to promote calm while driving, especially at high speeds and off-road. Thanks to all of these substantial improvements that have not been limited to factors exterior and interior design and advanced technical systems seem Mustang Ready to take its place in history and to enhance its Kochehr sports car in the world