The Ascari A10 holds a real fire in its belly. The 5.0 L V8 engine from BMW provides a 625 hp performance. This gets delivered via a 6-speed manual transmission which is connected to a manual gearbox. The supercar is able to gallop from dead stop to 100 kmh in under 3 seconds which speaks volumes of the engine's acceleration capabilities. The car hits a top speed of 355 kmh. This translates nearly into a whooping 100 meters per second! Among the various V8s from BMW, the engine used for the Ascari A10 is the high-performance S62 which has been extensively modified for enhanced torque and power. The car generates tremendous torque of 560 Nm at 5500 rpm
The styling is very similar to its cousin, the KZ1-R GT race car. However, it looks far more masculine and hot! The gracefully sloping bonnet is flanked by humped boundaries which end in headlamps. The headlamps arrive in sets of three. The multi-pronged stars that form its wheel rims lend it a kind of dazzle. However, the coolest parts of the car are its sides which seem to have a kind of step board. The rear has meshed louvres to keep the car cool. It also makes the car look cool! The curvy wing has been constituted with carbon fiber to give a sexy touch along with an aerodynamic edge. The radiator which has been relocated to a central position adds to the freshness of the styling