the added aesthetic changes which will turn the design of the car for the better. The largest change is the revised front fascia of the car. It is so immense because it is in the front of the car but certain updates have been added to the rear as well. The best example is the rounded shape of the front and back bumpers. There have been made to be more aerodynamic and feature a better shape which will be more appealing to the eye
Some additional technical design changes added to the exterior look of the car actually increase the vehicle’s performance. The car gets more stability and is now immensely reliable with the added air curtains on the front bumper and the air breathers on the front arches. The front apron is used for the air intake which produces the downforce of the vehicle, the lip spoiler at the rear creates the same amount of downforce, which results in the vehicle’s better stability and ultimately drivability.
V6 3.7 liter engine with a 300 horsepower. Without turbocharge or supercharge there is also an option of a V8 5.0 liter engine which can produce a whopping 420 of horsepower at 140 lb-ft of torque. Rumors state that turbocharged versions will include 2.7 or a 3.5 liter engine with a power ranging between 300 and 420 horsepower. The Supercharged version is said to have potentially include V8 5.0 liter engine at 550 horsepower.