Dodge Charger

Gives shape inspired by coupe design curved roof to the rear a modern form of power with the benefits of versatility available in four-door sedan. And gives the line higher in the center of the roof doors and offensive line shape profile similar to that of the coupe profile for the design of previous Remain, however, the Dodge Charger with a new design for the modern muscle car. Given the advantage of the quarrel of modern design supports its power, and a performance sports car and a very modern techniques, And the capacity of the cabin enjoyed by a large saloon car, All this in addition to specifications muscle car with rear-wheel drive. And design the back of the Dodge Charger includes rear lights bold bowed back gives it a distinct Charger.
Also gives a circular forms, sinking the taillights on an added dimension compared to the previous version, And give greater specificity for each of these two lamps circular taillights. For the interior, has been expanded additions to the model Dodge Charger R / T to include all the facilities of the Interior, Where the processing Dodge Charger SE interior door handles and chrome-plated holder cups and keypad buttons of silver. And now comes standard, LED lighting system WAN LED light of all models in pregnant women Cups front and LED lighting standard lamp Pocket