Mercedes Ener G

the Mercedes G-Glass has seen subtle changes over the years although the overall design stays true to its roots but major changes could be coming to the G-Class. Hubert Lee, designer of ‘Ener-G-Force’, says that this concept uses important genes such as proportions and design elements from the original G-Class adapted to the modern world
The goal was to design a Highway Patrol vehicle The futuristic concept vehicle was inspired by the G-Class with a much more modern interpretation giving it a new, yet recognizable appearance. Like the G-Class, the Ener-G-Force sports
The general design of the car is rugged with an interpretation of modern design language that blends very well with the whole shape. The concept is inspired by the G-Class and we can see the G letter in the name too. The Ener-G-Force looks like a great opportunity to begin with the development of the next G-Class series